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Access to equitable education opportunities continues to be a problem in New Mexico. The SUCCESS Partnership is a prenatal-to-career education initiative committed to transforming education outcomes in Doña Ana County so that all children have a foundation for thriving in school and life. The partnership’s data-driven work is fueled by the passion and understanding that “Education is a Shared Responsibility,” and change happens when we use a collective impact approach, bringing together cross-sector partners to work towards this common goal. The partnership believes that investing in education from pregnancy until the child enters the workforce is key to empowering and uplifting the person and our community.

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  Collective Impact


Collective impact describes an intentional way of working together and sharing information for the purpose of solving a complex problem. Proponents of collective impact believe that the approach is more likely to solve complex problems than if a single nonprofit were to approach the same problem(s) on its own. While collective impact seems very similar to plain old “collaboration,” there are certain characteristics that distinguish collective impact initiatives – and make them successful. —National Council of Nonprofits

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Access to fast, reliable, and affordable internet is critical for remote working, virtual learning, finding information, online shopping, searching for jobs, keeping up with family, and so much more!


  Leaders Circle

The Leaders Circle is made of prominent community leaders across Doña Ana County who are committed to education. Their role is to “open doors and break down barriers and promote the work of the SUCCESS Partnership. They use their influence to open the doors of opportunity and work innovatively in joint education efforts. Their collaboration has resulted in grant partnerships, providing enriching parent education, sharing resources, and creating professional development opportunities.

Our Leaders Circle Steering Team is composed of elected representatives from our cross-sector community partners who are responsible for guiding and structuring Leaders Circle membership, meetings, and activities.